AGINOV has developed 4 leading offers to cover the full Innovation value chain, from upstream strategic services to operational advice. Each offer has specific objectives and planning to capitalize permanently on the work and results obtained upstream. They can nevertheless be linked with each other in order to achieve a global approach

Innovation management

A strategic assignment that requires in-depth expertise to support General Management and R&D&I departments in change management. Objective : have the company transform itself and improve its Innovation performance


  • Creative thinking around new challenges (products, opportunities, threats…), use of exploratory / competitive intelligence / opportunity studies, marketing process
  • Reflexion on the positioning of the Innovation function and its performance with regard to the company’s strategic vision
  • Convergence of company’s technology and financial roadmaps
  • Advice on intellectual property issues and solution implementation / manage R&D&I flows in connection with the Innovation Funding and Taxation offers

Innovation funding

A research and coordination mission requiring funding ecosystem in-depth knowledge. Objective : enable the R&D&I and Finance Departments (CFO) to highlight their innovative works and obtain a higher funding rate


  • Screening of possible grants and subsidies schemes at regional, national and European levels
  • Identification and prioritisation of usable windows (ADEME, FUI, BPI, H2020…)
  • Applications preparation and negotiation
  • Project management (link between the different actors and funding bodies)
  • Identification of strategic partners and consortium members

Innovation Taxation

A tailor-made mission for decision-makers ranging from a consultancy mission with a specific objective to a full project management. Objective: assist companies in optimising the framework of their Innovation tax issues (France & worldwide)

Full support mission

Assignment throughout the entire Research & Development & Innovation tax incentive schemes to meet any funding needs
  • Support on the valuation and justification of your tax credit amounts
  • Assistance in obtaining the Young Innovative Company status and associated gains (while also benefiting from tax incentive schemes to reach a full optimization)
  • Implementation of optimization leverages (accreditation of third party or intra-group subcontractors, analysis and implementation of invoicing flows…)

Mission of expertise

Fast and complete expertise with immediate added value to meet the legal or financial needs of your company juridiques ou financiers de l’entreprise
  • Audit of pending tax receivables based on tax incentive schemes implementation
  • Due diligence review
  • Audit in case of receivables factoring or pre-financing
  • Team training and workshop

Consulting mission

Tailor-made strategic services requiring in-depth consulting expertise to support the company in its change management
  • Tailor-made consulting offer to meet specific needs related to Innovation activity
  • Asset valuation in case of disposal / sale
  • Reflexion on R&D&I localization and associated Industrial Property issues, investigation to implement R&D&I flows or subcontrators accreditation in different countries
  • Industrial Property strategy and on-going management together with our partnered law firm (valuation study, state of the art research with our consultants, prior art research, protection strategy management)
  • Assistance in case of tax audits (multidisciplinary expertise)


AGINOV also accompanies you in parallel of the 3 main offers to adress specific issues


The job performed in one of the service lines may give rise to other specific needs, for example in relation to intellectual property management (localization, implementation or optimisation of flows), invoicing of intra-group R&D&I studies and the transfer pricing policy impact


AGINOV assists you to adress these issues, if necessary, in partnership with experts, always looking for the optimal performance of your Innovation (organization and reduction of the global tax burden)