AGINOV transforms company projects to help people evolve: positive impulses, new organisations, collective Innovations or co-construction

Relying on its DNA in digital Innovation, AGINOV manages HUMAN projects by bringing an indispensable DIGITAL dimension in line with the expectations of innovative markets

Through its Humangital state of mind, AGINOV places the human being at the heart of a unique Innovation process, making him the driving force behind the performance of the company.

AGINOV offers its clients the opportunity to go further in the transformation of the Innovation value chain thanks to a complete offer, a sharp expertise and a tailor-made assistance
Agile structure for greater responsiveness and flexibility

AGINOV works in agile mode for the monitoring and follow-up of projects as well as consultants staffing management


Its consultants have proactive intervention cycles allowing clients to spend less time on the follow-up of their projects and thus reduce the assignment duration


As digital Innovation is at the heart of AGINOV’s DNA, its teams offer advanced and predictive reporting and exchange tools

Experts in science, finance and tax

Feedback shows that assigning a financial consultant to a team of scientific consultants significantly improves the project management, valuation process and support phase on specific tax issues


The missions carried out with this pair thus benefit from an overall view of all the perimeters of intervention


AGINOV also combines its ressources with partners’ such as law firms, IP specialists or key players on intelligence market (prospective/competitive) for higher expertise

Tailor-made intervention for an optimal investment

Thanks to its flexibility, AGINOV offers an immediate and tailor-made intervention.

It responds to the operational and qualitative constraints of its clients for a fee that is perfectly adapted and contractually agreed upon.

Homogeneous process management (national and international)

AGINOV also operates at the international level. Its clients are thus accompanied in the activation of funding and tax schemes in other countries


Their global innovation process is therefore managed in a homogeneous manner

Innovation work highlight

AGINOV accompanies companies along the entire Innovation value chain: from strategic consulting (in management, structuring, performance and marketing) to the implementation of incentive schemes (such as R&D or Innovation-dedicated tax credits) and Innovation funding (submission of applications on behalf of bodies such as BPI, ADEME…)


Through its consulting services, taking place upstream and downstream of the Innovation works, AGINOV therefore optimizes the time to market, the search for technological partnerships or Innovation Return on Investment

Digital dimension at the heart of your Innovation

Capitalising on the group’s digital DNA in IT and IoT, AGINOV’s teams, in conjunction with AGITHINK’s teams, are also involved in Innovation issues related to companies’ transformation or digital acceleration