As a specialist dedicated to Innovation and its environment, AGINOV is continuously improving its expertise and adapting its vision and know-how to the societal, environmental and economic challenges of companies. Its consultants thus provide adequate advice together with added value solutions

Professional and business Expertise

Expertise in Innovation

  • Immediate assessment of the issues at stake
  • Added value creation
  • In-depth knowledge of Innovation ecosystem

Specialized team

  • Multidisciplinary and senior consultants
  • Experience in the assistance of General Management
  • Appropriate approach dedicated to start-ups/SMEs/mid-caps and large accounts
  • Global picture and external view benefits

Proactive Collaboration

  • Co-productive approach
  • Know-how transfer
  • Client’s minimum team solicitation

Agile process and solutions with Agiteam

  • Adapted and custom-made digital tools
  • Permanent control and monitoring
  • Expertise across the entire Innovation value chain

Expertise across the entire Innovation value chain

Innovation Management
Innovation Funding
Ongoing and tailor-made advice

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For an appropriate and identified added value

Expertise in all industries

Information & Communication Technologies / Electronics

This industry faces challenges that are constantly changing. Currently, the major technological challenges include the new realities of business with an ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence, the arrival of 5G, cyber security, cloud, Big Data, the introduction of quantum physics in computers. So many opportunities to be seized by innovative players

Transport & Mobility

The world of mobility is facing new issues and, consequently, must adapt itself. New generation cars are booming with the evolution of regulations (e.g. CO₂ emissions reduction or management of batteries recharge). Manufacturers also want to develop connected and communicating vehicles (“as a service”) for a “rich” customer experience (evolutive predictive maintenance, personal assistants and geolocalised digital services, which themselves generate cybersecurity and reliability issues)


What are the main challenges faced by energy players? Let’s identify the Smart City drifting towards the Green City, as the current dynamic to reach clean energy is insufficient to date to offset the effects of an expanding global economy and a growing population. Challenges also include reducing the environmental footprint (which choice of new material for batteries, for example) and smart grids

Life sciences & Pharma

Health industry is constantly reinventing itself to adapt to changes in society such as elderly population increase, prevalence of certain diseases and the drug price increase. At the same time, Innovation is in crisis with the end of exclusivity of some blockbusters and a lower return on investment for research activities, as pharmaceutical companies must find the optimal balance between specialisation and diversification. They also face competition from increasingly reactive biotechs and major digital players that are becoming more and more present in health industry

Materials & Chemistry

The societal challenges faced by actors in this industry are significant. The challenges include adapting chemistry to new consumer uses, reducing the environmental impact of batteries (which new material should be used ?), bio-based chemistry, intelligent textiles, advanced and active materials, synthetic fuels…

Banking & Insurance

Banks and insurance companies have no choice but to use online platforms to serve their customers. They must therefore develop and execute digital transformation plans to meet new needs. How can AI data processing be optimised and how can their confidentiality be guaranteed? How to face the new competition from neobanks or neoinsurance companies, mobile payment platforms and develop their own person-to-person payment tools and contactless payment applications?